Starry Night Macrame Dreamcatcher

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Perfectly boho-chic, cosy and aesthetic.

The Starry Night Macrame Dreamcatcher conveys strong feelings of hope through the bright lights of the moon and stars shining at night. These best-selling dreamcatchers are handmade with soft and luxurious cotton that is woven into a macrame. Our Starry Night Macrame Dreamcatcher is a gorgeous bohemian decor to accentuate your space. 

- Harmonious Deep Sleep: Legend originate from Native American culture has said that dreamcatcher is a protective charm that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. The dreamcatcher will trap bad dreams within their intricate web. The bad dreams caught in the web get destroyed when the sunlight of morning hits the dreamcatcher, while the good dreams gently reach the person sleeping below. Hence, allowing a peaceful and deep sleep.  

- Handmade With Love: Our Native American inspired Starry Night dreamcatcher is handmade with natural materials and woven into stunning Macrame by our talented craftspeople.

- Ethical Materials: At Wanderlushinterior, we use sustainable high-quality materials to bring positive energy into your home and sleep.

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 Woven Cotton

Specification: 90cm/ 35inch