The Magical Moon Mirror

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Turn your magic mirror to MOON!

Transform your night into a magical experience.

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the moon, but that doesn't mean we can't bring the moon to us! Introducing The Magical Moon Mirror that has been meticulously designed using the NASA satellite images to reflect the actual moon.

Credit: Moon Phases for 2021 taken by NASA.

The Magical Mirror can be used as a normal mirror during the day and transform into a moon as an aesthetic decor at night. When the light is OFF, it is a black minimalist mirror. Turn ON the light, it is a magnificent moon. It is designed where science and beauty coexist. 

It brings a cosy ambience to your space for a good night rest. The Magical Moon Mirror is the perfect gift to kids and adults who are fascinated with outer space. Treat your loved ones with this interactive and beautiful piece of art. The romantic moon can be used to create a romantic atmosphere for date nights. 

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