About Us


Sharing the same endearment towards nature,  plants and animals, two travel enthusiasts came together to infuse their ideas and opinions harnessed from their voyages to establish Wanderlushinterior... 

The name Wanderlushinterior is derived from our innate desire to explore and travel the world, representing our love for travelling, embracing the luxuriant and greenery nature has to provide.

To unite individuals who share our lust & appreciation for the great outdoors, we’ve taken great measures to bring you a little piece of nature right to you. Glamorise your mundane office desk, spruce up that living room, adorn your bedroom, the opportunity to ornament your interior is endless and we are here to provide it. Taking a minimalistic approach with a bohemian flair, we are more than assured you’ll be satisfied with the products we’ve come up with for you.

With love, Wanderlushinterior


Our Mission

"To provide exceptional services coupled with our top quality products, we aim to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. We hope our passion and admiration is seen through our work and you receive our products feeling satisfied and fulfilled."

Our Vision

"To bring the most unique and quirky planters to every plant lovers in the world."