5 Ideas for a Succulent Christmas

5 Ideas for a Succulent Christmas

Looking for an inspiration to build your own Succulent Christmas Tree or wreath? You came to the right place. We present to you the top 5 creative ideas for a Succulent Christmas! To celebrate this festive season, read till the end of the post to receive a 20% discount code from us! Let's begin!

1. Succulent Christmas Tree

succulent christmas tree

(Photo From Instagram: @livingbunch_hire)

Succulent Christmas Tree is the most popular idea this Christmas! It is new, trendy and stylish as compared to your typical Christmas Tree. It will definitely "WOW" your guests this Christmas. Ready to build your own Succulent Christmas Tree? Click here to learn more.

2. Cactus Christmas Tree

cactus christmas tree

(Photo From Instagram: @heywanderer)

Coming in at 2nd place is... Cactus Christmas Tree! You can definitely DIY your own Cactus Christmas Tree using a real Cactus. It's really up to your preference. For me, I prefer using some simple materials to build a fake Cactus Christmas Tree! It is funky and absolutely stunning. If you are building a real Cactus Christmas Tree, just add a festive light and you are good to go! Check out how @heywanderer build a Fake Cactus Christmas Tree video here if you are ready!

3. Christmas Succulent Wreath

christmas succulent wreath

(Photo From Pinterest: @Nordstrom)

This might require more work... but it is worth it! It is a living Christmas Succulent Wreath. It is unique and lovely. You can place this beauty at your front door to show off to your guests this Christmas. Ready to roll? Click here.

4. Adorable Planters with Christmas Decor

christmas planter

(Photo From Instagram: @Wanderlushinterior)

This is for the busy peeps out there who do not have time to DIY their own Christmas Tree or wreath. This is easy. You just have to decorate your adorable planters with some Christmas Hat! All you need is... 

1) Adorable Ladies Planters

2) Christmas Hat from your local supermarket. (Attached a pin to your hat and stuck it in the soil)

And... you are done! You have adorable planters with Christmas vibes ready to jingle all the way! 

5. Succulent Christmas Ornaments

christmas succulent ornaments

We know that you are a passionate plant lover. The last idea is to add Succulent Christmas Ornaments on your Christmas Tree. Well... it does not have to be real if you do not want to risk your succulent life. But if you are confident enough, check out Natalie's blog to learn how to build your own live succulent Christmas ornaments now! 

As promised, here's the 20% discount code, use "20CARTOFF" during checkout to enjoy 20% off on all planters, macrame hangers and propagation station! Happy Shopping!

That's all for now. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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